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Oscar S. James, II was born and raised in the city Newark, NJ.  As a youngster, Oscar was intricately exposed via his family’s civic engagement to Newark’s greatest leadership, which gives him a unique perspective.  As a product of and father of three children attending the public school system in the city, Oscar is a consistent and prominent education advocate, fighting for and securing options for quality education for children throughout the city.  As an alumnus of Villanova University and Delbarton High School, he believes education is the hallmark of his life and understands the importance of equal and quality education, and therefore committed his adult life to educating parents on how to use their voices on behalf of their children.  Mr. James holds the record as the youngest elected municipal council member in the city of Newark, serving from 2006 – 2010, and responsible for building the city better during his tenure. 

Dedicated to the progress of the city, Mr. James serves as a board member for the Family Healing Center and Logistic Professionals and is a managing member of Freedom Capital, a private equity real estate fund.  As a licensed New Jersey real estate agent, Oscar is as a local developer in the city and restaurant owner.  Continuing the work to ensure communities of color are represented by qualified and strong leadership, he is a consultant on local, state, and national political campaigns.

Oscar S. James II is a true son of Newark and as a homeowner in the West Ward, remained in his hometown with the intention of making life better for the people. He is an Elder at the Love of Jesus Church, based in the city and a founding member of We Don’t Need Permission (WDNP), a social justice movement focused on economic empowerment of the poorest members of the community.  His philosophy on how to build a vital community is harm no one, shed light on the issues preventing progress and remain present and consistent. Mr. James goal is to spark conversation and thought in the community that has allowed him to grow and give back with honesty and fierce love.

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